Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats

Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats - Bobby Poe, Bobby Poe Jr. I must say, I was disappointed by this book. First of all, it's written as a 'screenplay,' and leaves out a great deal of what might have been fascinating information.For example, the Poe Kats (rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson's original backup band) were an integrated group. The only thing Poe says about playing gigs under Jim Crow was to complain that they had to stay in hotels because Big Al Downing (who later became a country music star) couldn't stay in hotels. Really? Surely there were some other challenges.Poe seems to be whining a lot of the time that he was not as successful as he wanted to be, despite having some regional hits with the Poe Kats, a chart-topper in the '60s with the Chartbusters and some other experiences that most musicians would find thrilling (including playing with Jackson). Poe eventually finds success as publisher and editor of the Pop Music Survey, which is glossed over to talk about how the 'black mafia' destroyed his Soul Music Survey.Actually, everything is glossed over -- and that's what disappointed me the most. There was so much room to share insights and experiences in detail, and Poe failed to take advantage of the opportunity.