Not Forgotten: 30 Graphic Portraits of Social Injustice

Not Forgotten:  30 Graphic Portraits of Social Injustice - Joyce Meyer Despite the book's brevity, I could not read it all in one sitting. There was simply too much to consider on each page.Meyer has taken 30 examples of social injustice, provided an overview and some statistics, and some recommended actions that readers can take on issues by which they feel especially moved.The photographs in this book are of models, not actual victims of the issues described. However, they do illustrate the matters at hand.Some of the solutions seemed a little simplistic. For example, under the heading of "Unwanted Babies," Meyer does not recommend comprehensive sex education or improved access to contraception as a solution to the problem. Instead, she advocates against abortion and in favor of volunteering at Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Neither of these responses prevent the problem at hand.There is some good information here that I hope will spur readers to action -- and to greater research into the matters that move them.