Something's Fishy in Palm Springs

Something's Fishy in Palm Springs - Michelle Ann Hollstein I wanted to like this book far more than I did. I found myself distracted by homophone problems ("chow" where "ciao" is meant, "b-line" for "beeline" and numerous other examples) and redundancies (e.g., "camouflage cammies").That's really too bad, because I was so excited about reading it. As someone who has visited Palm Springs on many occasions, I recognized sites that went unnamed by Hollstein. It did make it fun to puzzle out which restaurants or hotels she was talking about.The author has a good premise, with an actress being abducted in the first chapter and a costly tropical fish taken and held for ransom. Friends Aggie and Betty are visiting Palm Springs from England and get entangled in both cases. The eventual revelation of "whodunnit" was lackluster and the loose ends were tied up in a hurried and unrelated fashion. There was a lot of potential in the tale; I just wish it had been handled with more aplomb.