The Malice Plant

The Malice Plant - Ainy Rainwater I have read a great many mysteries over the years, and it's a rare one in which the "whodunnit" escapes me until the author reveals it. Ainy Rainwater has written one of those rare books.Rosemary's garden club friend, Ivy, is found dead with a sprig of the (fictitious) Malice Plant in her hand ... and things actually get worse from there! With a plethora of unpleasant relatives contesting the will (in which Rosemary, to her surprise, figures), townsfolk behaving strangely and disappearing plants and property, Rosemary is in it up to her eyeballs.Rainwater has crafted an entertaining mystery with believable (if not always lovable) characters and plausible situations. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and was, in fact, reluctant to put it down. Well done indeed!