Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds - Russell H. Conwell Written by the founder of Temple University, "Acres of Diamonds" is an inspirational lecture about success. (The edition I read also included a biography of Russell Conwell and a brief autobiographical note from the author.)Conwell, who presented this lecture in excess of 5,000 times during his life, was a Civil War officer, lawyer and pastor. His family farm was one of the stops on the Underground Railroad and he established one of the first schools that would educate African-American children.In his presentation, Conwell talks about the importance of generosity, ideas, and finding out what needs one can fulfill as an entrepreneur. His style is flowing and eloquent, which makes it a delight to read despite some of the antiquated vernacular (this book was originally published in 1915). Despite the age of the text, the ideas still hold true. Highly recommended for those interested in self-improvement and better business practices.