The Musician's Daughter

The Musician's Daughter - Susanne Dunlap Susanne Dunlap has done a marvelous job in describing life in 18th Century Vienna. Court intrigues, jealousies between musicians (the heroine's godfather is Jozsef Haydn), and racial conflicts between the Viennese, Hungarians and the Romany are all brought to the fore in this well-crafted novel.Sixteen-year-old Theresa Maria is the daughter of a famous violinist; her father's murder sets the stage for the novel's plot. Between helping her family keep food on the table and trying to avoid making a marriage she does not want, Theresa somehow manages to investigate the circumstances surrounding her fathers death -- all starting with an unusual pendant found in his hand.While the publisher positions this book as being appropriate for those 12 and older, I think it would very much depend upon the young teen in question. Dunlap deals frankly with prostitution, crime and punishment (descriptions of torture devices and so on) and other matters that were most assuredly part of the culture at the time during which the book takes place. Involved parents should be prepared to answer questions and concerns that may be raised by a less mature reader.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)