Ancient Rising: Rise of the Ancients Book I

Ancient Rising: Rise of the Ancients Book I - J.C. De La Torre When I review books, they always start out with five stars -- and I see what happens from there.J.C. De La Torre has a fascinating speculative fiction idea, with an author getting involved in an archaeological team studying Atlantis. When Hermes shows up (and speaks some bad, Harry Potteresque fake Latin instead of either the real deal or Greek, which bothered me) and starts providing clues for the team to raise the lost city, things should get interesting.I really liked the concept of this book, but found myself distracted by poorly rendered dialect (Glaswegian is *difficult,* admittedly, but it is not rendered at all correctly here -- if you can't render dialect, don't try) and some egregious errors of fact in terms of archaeological process (like shining bright lights on ancient documents ... which is destructive).With a bit more research, this book could have been outstanding. I just had a hard time getting past the issues that bothered me.