Firebird (The Elemental Masters Fairy Tales)

Firebird - Mercedes Lackey Once again, Mercedes Lackey takes us to the ballet while touching on the fairytale basis for the story (the book is dedicated to Natalia Marakova [sic], the Russian prima ballerina whose surname is actually spelled Makarova).The Firebird is an enchanted princess in Russian lore; she steals cherries from a tsar's orchard, and he sets his sons the task, one at a time, of finding the thief.Middle son Ilya is the one who sees her. A number of adventures ensue (as happens in these things).Lackey has obviously researched the Russian feudal agrarian economy; it's laid out in an easily understandable way, given its complexities. She also knows the characters of the ballet and gives them life and a backstory that keeps readers entertained.Lackey fans are sure to enjoy this.