Unknown Book 8815565

Unknown Book 8815565 - Unknown Author 566 Harry Arthur Gant was a real cowboy who wound up in the motion picture industry as a cameraman on early Westerns (and, occasionally, as an actor). Working alongside Lon Chaney, Tom Mix and many others -- on both sides of his career --, Gant saw a great deal of change over the course of his life.This memoir was published posthumously, laboriously transcribed from a third-carbon tissue copy by his granddaughter and great-grandson. I applaud their efforts to preserve their raconteur relative's splendid stories.Gant's style is colloquial; he did not have much formal education beyond the eighth grade, although he was a voracious reader. I loved his stories about life on the range and in the early days of Hollywood; it was like having him sitting next to me on the porch, just relating stories of days gone by.Fans of memoirs and Westerns alike are sure to enjoy this entertaining book.