The Spear

The Spear - Louis De Wohl "The Spear" is the story of Centurion Gaius Cassius Longinus, the Roman soldier whose presence at Rabbi Yeshua ben Yussef's crucifixion is related both in historical documents and scriptures.Louis de Wohl has drawn not only upon scripture but historical and cultural studies of Judea, Caesarea, Rome and even the gladiatorial schools to create this well-researched novel. Longinus's history as a free man who sells himself into slavery to redeem his father's gambling debts, his triumphs as a gladiator that result in him being freed to return to the army, and his transfer to Judea are all well-documented.The events leading up to the crucifixion are drawn from historical record, with dialog in many cases taken from the gospels. I feared I would find this disruptive to the narrative, but it was not problematic at all.I ordinarily avoid "Christian fiction" like the plague as it tends toward a preachy tone. That was not the case with "The Spear" at all, and I enjoyed it.