The House Between the Worlds

The House Between The Worlds - Marion Zimmer Bradley I'm a big fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley's work, so when I ran across this book in a bag of donations I was quite excited. A piece I'd never read before: hooray!Well, it just wasn't as good as some of her earlier (and later) work, in my opinion. "The House Between The Worlds" is the story of Cameron Fenton, a PhD researcher at UC Berkeley's fictitious Parapsychology Department. While conducting a supervised trial of Antaril, a drug that enhances ESP, Fenton finds himself in the land of the Alfar -- the Faerie Folk.From then on, it's like Thomas the Rhymer/Tam Lin suddenly has the ability to go back and forth between the realms -- and, of course, no one in his own time believes him about what is happening.Okay, but just not a favorite.