The Lady in the Loch

The Lady in the Loch - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Part historical fiction and part paranormal thriller, "The Lady in the Loch" drops us into Walter Scott's Edinburgh for a look at the legal system, the medical system and the life of the "traveling people."The beginning of the book has Scott assisting his friend in a most unusual murder investigation, which results in him meeting Midge Margret and Geordie -- two of the traveling people -- when they are youngsters.Imagine his surprise when the two turn up in Edinburgh, at the heart of a number of disappearances among the traveling people.I want to avoid spoilers where possible here, but suffice it to say that some of the plot would not be out of place in Mary Shelley's early work. Scott deals with the "resurrectionists" (grave robbers who provide cadavers to medical school anatomists) and more in this story.Recommended for those who like a historical thriller.