T'on Ma

T'on Ma - Magnolia Belle Magnolia Belle's "T'on Ma" details Lana Cooper's time as a homesteader's daughter. She meets and falls in love with Kiowa warrior Yi Centas (Two Hawks), who calls her T'on Ma (Water Woman) because he first sees her in the river. However, because of various pressures from her family and from society, Lana marries Liam O'Connell. Liam is a society-bred Army officer whose well-to-do family looks down on Lana and her entire family.The book is rife with conflicts between settlers and Native Americans, and rich in cultural detail about both military and Kiowa life.This is the second of Magnolia Belle's books that I have read; suffice it to say that I am now a major fan of her work. Highly recommended for fans of well-researched, character-driven historical fiction.