Trevor's Song

Trevor's Song - Susan Helene Gottfried Susan Helene Gottfried's ShapeShifter series is a real gem for music fans, industry insiders, and those who like a well-constructed, character-driven novel.The first two books were a collection of short stories called "The Demo Tapes," both of which I read and enjoyed thoroughly. "Trevor's Song" brings us a more successful band, with ShapeShifter touring, recording and experiencing the fruits of their labors.Bassist Trevor Wolff is the focus of Gottfried's full length novel, as he faces unanticipated medical problems that could potentially put the entire band's careers on hold. Despite Wolff's deliberate "unlikeability," he is a sympathetic character grappling with numerous issues.Gottfried's characters are multi-dimensional and interesting, and her insider knowledge of the music industry shines through to those of us who have also been there. Highly recommended.