Mutant - Peter Clement With all of the news these days about health problems caused by genetically modified crops, Clement's 2001 novel seems a little prescient. In fact, it seems especially prescient in light of 9/11/2001 -- an unfortunate fact that he acknowledges in his afterword.In any event, Clement's tale of environmentalists looking into the connections between outbreaks of bird flu and genetically modified corn -- and the terrorists who are trying to stop them -- is a good read. It helps to understand something about the medical field in order to follow some of the technical terms; Clement is a former Emergency Dept. physician and he tends to presume his audience knows what he's talking about. (Fortunately for me, I worked in hospitals for seven years -- but I can understand other reviewers' complaints about this).The story is fast-paced and believable. Highly recommended.