Reading Women

Reading Women: How the Great Books of Feminism Changed My Life - Stephanie Staal I have to admit that, early on in "Reading Women," I was concerned that Stephanie Staal would start writing that "the only true feminists are mommies," given her lengthy discussions about the birth of her daughter. It was that event which inspired Staal to return to her alma mater, New York's Barnard College, to audit the Feminist Text courses she had taken as an undergraduate ten years before.Instead, what I got was a well-constructed look at the texts, both from the perspective of a naive undergrad and a woman with some more life experience under her belt. The texts are examined and deconstructed, agreed and disagreed with, all in the context of Staal's life experiences during the two years she attended the classes.Staal also includes the reading list from her syllabi, so that readers may examine the original works -- a very helpful addition.I enjoyed the book, and got a fresh look at works ranging from Mary Wollstonecraft to Riverbend (an Iraqi woman blogger). Well worth reading.