Dawn of Avalon (Twilight of Avalon, #0.5)

Dawn of Avalon (Twilight of Avalon, #0.5) - Anna Elliott "Dawn of Avalon" is a prequel novella to Anna Elliott's "Twilight of Avalon" series. In this story, we have Merlin and Morgan meeting in the earliest days of the Arthurian sagas -- with Merlin imprisoned by Vortigern.As a long-time reader of Arthurian legends (and a former member of the International Arthurian Society), I can say with certainty that Elliott has researched the tales and the time period very carefully. She understands all of the relationships (which are convoluted indeed) between the characters populating the lore. She even starts where many books do not: with Vortigern's plans to sacrifice a Druid because his planned tower keeps collapsing. I enjoyed the book, although I found some of the prose a trifle clumsy (which is why I took off one star). It's a tricky thing to write description in historical fiction where the spoken word is more archaic; sometimes authors make descriptions archaic as well, which can cause a reader to stumble a bit.Fans of Arthurian legend are sure to enjoy this tale.