The Death Dealer

The Death Dealer - Heather Graham It's hard to classify "The Death Dealer" by genre; it's part paranormal, part mystery, and a smattering of romance.We have a private investigator, Joe, who is hired by Genevieve to help investigate a murder -- because she fears her mother might be targeted. The victim and Genevieve's mother are both members of the local Poe Society ... and the murder seems reminiscent of Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado." Joe, though, is hearing ghost's voices -- two different dead men speak to him, and his one-time love Leslie whispers in his ear as well. To top it all off, he's afraid he's falling in love with Genevieve.The story kept me entertained in a "beach read" sort of way. Fans of Graham's work are sure to enjoy this.