The Assisi Underground: The Priests Who Rescued Jews

The Assisi Underground: The Priests Who Rescued Jews - Alexander Ramati This was *not* an easy book. I had never known much about the Italian Resistance, to be honest, and learning about how the monasteries and convents of Assisi hid Jewish refugees was fascinating and terrifying.This is a first person account by Padre Rufino Niccacci, a Franciscan monk who was essentially the leader of Assisi's underground. He told his story to journalist Alexander Ramati, who added an epilogue of his own so that readers would know how he met Padre Rufino and what happened to the many refugees and churchfolk who helped them.This book has moments that will make readers laugh and cry. I was swept in from page one and did not want to put the book down. The bravery of Assisi's citizenry and the refugees (and even some of the more sympathetic German soldiers) comes through in every page.Not to be missed by those who enjoy a good non-fiction work.