My First Ninety Years

My First Ninety Years - Mary Jane Baird I really wanted to rate this book much higher. Mary Jane Baird's tone reminded me very much of when my own grandmother would talk about her time growing up during the Depression, and I was so excited as the book started.Even knowing how brief the book was, I had hoped for more detail. Yet, Baird says at the end of the book that she knows she glossed over a lot of "little details," but that it's her belief that the book would not be worth reading if she included them.I wholeheartedly disagree. While the few anecdotes Baird shares are fascinating, the main gist of this short eBook seemed to be "we lived here, and they were born there" -- a travelogue without much color. I would love to have known more about her life as a minister's wife other than the number of household moves that it entailed.I did enjoy it, and it's a fun, albeit short, read. I just wanted more.