The King of Torts

The King of Torts - John Grisham One of the few big-name authors whose work I still find both consistent and enjoyable is John Grisham. In "The King of Torts," he brings us inside the world of mass litigation (you know, the type provoked by those "If you or a loved one has contracted Chinese jungle rot, please call this 1-800 number" ads on television).Public defender Clay Carter is looking at yet another murder case file when he is visited by Max Pace. Pace gives him an "inside track" on a drug that may be involved in the murder, and helps him arrange the small class action. Pace then sets Carter up in a law office and directs other torts his way.This, of course, is when the problems start. Greed, ego and grift all come together to make this story a real page-turner. I enjoyed watching the characters develop as the story unfolded and the situations took numerous twists and turns.