Feather on the Moon

Feather on the Moon - Phyllis A. Whitney This was one of the last books Phyllis A. Whitney wrote, and it was quite enjoyable. I realized, partway in, that I had read it some time ago ... but I had forgotten enough of it that I still enjoyed the suspense.In this tale, Jennifer Blake's daughter, Debbie, is abducted from a grocery store. Seven years after the abduction, she is contacted (via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) by a wealthy Canadian woman who thinks that the girl presented as her great-granddaughter may be Debbie.So, of course, Jennifer goes to Canada to see whether this is so. She wavers between "aye and nay" for a good part of the book, as things are not at all what they seem in the well-to-do Arles household.Highly enjoyable for those who enjoy mysteries with a hint of "clean" romance.