Vets in a Spin

Vets in a Spin - I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook version of James Herriot's "Vets in a Spin." Actor Christopher Timothy, who portrayed Herriot in the BBC production of "All Creatures Great and Small," proved to be a delightful reader and talented voice actor."Vets in a Spin" is a compendium of stories from the various "All Creatures" novels, providing an outstanding sampler of Herriot's life as a veterinary surgeon in the Yorkshire Dales during the 1930s and 1940s. The taciturn farmers, Herriot's partners in the veterinary surgery, and various adventures are shown to an excellent turn via Timothy's reading of this unabridged set of tales.Lovers of animal stories, and admirers of Herriot's entertaining writing, would be well advised to investigate this audiobook edition.