Where the Sun Sets

Where the Sun Sets - Ann Marie I couldn't even finish this, I'm sorry to say.Between physicians handing medical records to people without even knowing their names ("did you come in with the gunshot victim? OK" -- and the OK thing really got on my nerves, as people say "okay," not "ok"), nurses handing out pain pills willy-nilly without a prescription, no one in a school -- where teachers are mandatory reporters under the law -- reporting child abuse to the police (and the parent who learns about it and sees the injuries leaving his child in the school), and municipal police departments that apparently send home their *full dossiers* (which police departments do not keep) to live with retired officers at the end of their careers, I could not make it past the middle of chapter 8.The characters are cardboard cut-outs and the action is completely unrealistic.My rating profile skews pretty high, with an average of 4.35, and it takes a lot to get me to abandon a book. A lot of the problems that I've seen so far could have been resolved with a minimal amount of research into things like HIPAA laws and police procedures. How very unfortunate.