Eagle Quest

Eagle Quest - Marva Dasef In this well-researched YA novel, middle school students Billy, Hap and Fiona make friends with Mitch, the proverbial new kid in town (Klamath Falls, OR). Mitch is adopted, but has been told that his mother was Native American. He is very much interested in learning about his cultural heritage and, as part of that, wishes to go on a vision quest.Mitch enlists the aid of his newfound friends, and the four go into the Bear Valley Bald Eagle Refuge for an illegal overnight camping trip that will allow Mitch to get the lay of the land for his own solo venture.The kids' families are frantic, of course ... and they do run into some troublesome situations. Everything comes out well, of course, and the kids all learn some lessons.Author Marva Dasef includes useful appendices with information on bald eagles, Native American spirituality, the tribes mentioned in the book ... and some writing prompts for YA readers to consider their own quests and adventures. Highly enjoyable and entertaining.