Dancing Made Easy: A Flap Tucker Mystery (Flap Tucker Mystery Series)

Dancing Made Easy - Phillip DePoy Phillip dePoy's "Dancing Made Easy" is a murder mystery that cross over from Atlanta's jazz scene to the mafia and back again. Psychic detective Flap Tucker is brought to the scene of a murder by Joepye Adder, current homeless drunk and erstwhile professor of electronics at Georgia Tech. The woman's corpse has a note on it: "Number One: The Tarantella."The next corpse has a note as well: "Number Two: The Tango." With nothing but these obscure dance references, Flap and police detective Burnish Huyne start putting together the pieces -- and discover that there is a third murder in the offing.In a rare circumstance, as I read a great many mysteries, I did not see the end coming at all. I found the book enjoyable and entertaining, with lots of unexpected twists and turns.