I, Alex Cross

I, Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #16) - James Patterson I find myself increasingly disappointed in James Patterson. At least, with this book, he actually did the writing (unlike his "Women's Murder Club" series, which now features his name along with the sadly inferior author who is slogging along with the characters).I have always liked the character of Alex Cross, and this book starts during his birthday celebration. He learns that his niece has been murdered, and he volunteers to participate in the investigation. However, it soon becomes apparent that some heavy hitters are involved, as the FBI and Secret Service begin taking over various aspects of the case.I had started to get an inkling of "whodunnit" by the final chapters of the book, but at least it wasn't flat-out revealed at the 50 percent mark as has been the case with the last few "Women's Murder Club" stories.I think that Patterson's fans will like this well enough, but it would be a sorry introduction to his work for the first-time reader.