Bitter in the Mouth

Bitter in the Mouth - Monique Truong Monique Truong's "Bitter in the Mouth" is the story of Linda Hammerick, a young woman growing up in the tiny town of Boiling Springs, North Carolian. Linda has a type of synesthesia (where senses become confused with one another) in which words that she speaks or hears have particular tastes for her.Linda is closest to her Great-Uncle Harper and her friend Kelly; her relationship with parents Thomas and Deanne is puzzling to her and to others, for reasons that are revealed as the story progresses. In order to preclude spoilers in the review, suffice to say that the stories come together in surprising and ultimately satisfying ways.I enjoyed Truong's book on many levels; her characters are rich and well-developed, and her prose is outstanding. Her portrayal of Linda's synesthesia reveals both research and understanding of a rare disorder, and provides a look into what life is like for people who manage their day-to-day lives while coping with it.Truong's book is difficult to pigeonhole into a particular genre. I think that people who enjoy rich, character-driven literary fiction would like it a greatr deal.