Reserved for the Cat (Elemental Masters, Book 5)

Reserved for the Cat - Mercedes Lackey I am quite fond of the Elemental Masters series, with their nods to classic fairy tales (in this case, Puss in Boots).Parisian ballerina Ninette Dupond loses her position in the Paris Ballet when the prima ballerina, for whom she understudies, becomes upset with her due to attention from a wealthy patron. She is afraid of losing her home, and determines that she will have to dance in the Moulin Rouge or, worse, become a prostitute.Enter Thomas, the cat whose words Ninette can hear in her mind. Thomas helps Ninette, through various stratagems, make her way to Blackpool, England, where she poses as a Russian ballerina and is given a position in a music hall.Of course, this would not be an Elemental Masters novel without a Dark Mage getting upset with the protagonist and deciding to exact revenge. How Ninette and her group of friends get through all of it is an entertaining read.