People of the Mesa: A Novel of Native America

People of the Mesa: A Novel of Native America - Ardath Mayhar "People of the Mesa" is an entertaining, well-researched speculative fiction about how the Anasazi and similar First Peoples may have come to live in the dangerous cliffside dwellings about which we have all learned in social studies class.The main character, Uhtatse, is his clan's One Who Smells the Wind -- the person most familiar with all of the goings-on of the mesas. When he learns that an enemy tribe will be coming to attack, he designs a cliffside home that can be defended by one person if the enemy manages to get to it.Of course, the rest of the tribe scoffs ... with predictable results.Mayhar's prose is evocative and her story is entertaining (although far from light). Highly recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction.