The Legacy of Beulah Land

The Legacy of Beulah Land - Lonnie Coleman "The Legacy of Beulah Land" is the final book in Lonnie Coleman's story about the Kendrick, Davis and Elk families during the 19th C. This book takes the story from 1873-1895.Many beloved characters from the previous two books have passed on, and matriarch Sarah Troy is now 84 years old. In this book, we see the challenges of running a cotton mill and a sawmill with integrated work crews during the Reconstruction due to ongoing racism.Coleman's honest portrayal of life in the deep South throughout this period includes characters who are very real in their foibles, follies and strengths alike. He puts them in situations that range from trying to tragic in order to show the entire range of experiences during the time period and succeeds admirably.Highly recommended, but really must be read after the previous two books in order to be fully appreciated.