The Twain Shall Meet

The Twain Shall Meet - J. Guevara What would our world look like to Mark Twain if he showed up in the present day? That's what author j guevara (lower case) shows us in "The Twain Shall Meet."First-person narrator Reid Fuhrman finds Mark Twain washed up on the beach at Key West and decides that he needs to show the author what the world has come to -- from Walt Disney World and cell phones to what we wear at the beach. Turns out that this isn't Mark's first visit; he shows up with Halley's Comet. So, he has several eras to consider when he looks at what we have all come to.Part rollicking fiction and part philosophy, guevara's book was entertaining and educational. Seeing our culture through the eyes of the past was an eye-opener. Highly recommended.(322 pages in this eBook edition.)