Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean

Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean - Julia Whitty Julia Whitty's "Deep Blue Home" is more than just the filmmaker-cum-author's memoir: it is a cautionary tale about ignoring the balance of ocean ecology at our own peril.Using tales from the Upanishads, Norse sagas and Greek mythology, Whitty interweaves legend with facts as she writes about her observations of whales, birds, dolphins and more. From her year living on Isla Rasa to study terns and gulls, to a mule ride in Baja California to study cave paintings, Whitty covers 33 years of experience observing the wild. This is no simple travelogue, though. Whitty expounds on thermohaline currents and how they are impacted by climate change. In turn, those altered thermohaline currents affect the weather and species both above and below the waterline.Whitty's prose is beautiful, and her use of first-person present tense puts the readers right next to her as she dives next to a sperm whale, watches tern chicks leave the nest or lies on her back to look at the painted ceiling of a rock shelter.Highly recommended for those with an interest in marine biology, ecology and environmental issues.(Review based on unedited advance proof.)