Turning Idolater

Turning Idolater - Edward C. Patterson I was initially uncertain what to make of Turning Idolater. I'm a great admirer of Edward C. Patterson's work, but I just could not imagine how a book about a gay man who strips on the Internet, whilst obsessing over the language of Moby Dick, could somehow intertwine with information about the rare book trade and a murder mystery.Yet, in the end, that story turned out to be absolutely brilliant. As always, Patterson's prose is gorgeous; the descriptions of whales, gulls, a cat and a dog in Provincetown are particular standouts in that regard.His protagonist, Philip, is a sympathetic fellow -- not without his flaws, certainly, which make him human instead of a cardboard caricature. There's more to Philip than meets the eye, which we learn as the tale progresses.Highly recommended for those who enjoy a good literary novel.