Booked to Die (Cliff Janeway Series #1)

Booked to Die (Cliff Janeway Novels) - John Dunning "Booked to Die" is the first of John Dunning's excellent Cliff Janeway novels. I had read two of the more recent ones prior to this one, and can see the growth the author has made.In this book, Janeway is still a police officer and is drummed out of the force after a very unpleasant incident. He starts work on his dream of running a rare book store, but finds himself obsessed with solving the murder case he was investigating at the time of his dismissal.While not as sophisticated as the later Janeway novels, this was still an enjoyable story. I did not see the twist at the end coming (which is rare for me, as I read a great many police procedurals and mysteries). Well worth picking up for a summer read.