Seizure - Robin Cook Sadly, this is not one of Robin Cook's better works.Cook takes on the controversial world of stem cell therapy. "Seizure" handily debunks many of the myths about therapeutic cloning (as opposed to reproductive cloning), but the characters seem trite. First, there is Daniel. He's the egotistic MD/PhD who has developed a way to inject therapeutic stem cells into specific areas of the brain to cure disease. There's his far more altruistic partner in business and life, Stephanie. And, there's the hypocritical senator, Ashley, who is against stem cell research -- except when it's for his benefit.Throw in some issues involving Stephanie's mobbed-up brother, a less-than-ethical fertility clinic in the Bahamas that is willing to allow experimentation to take place on their property -- and you have "Seizure" in a nutshell.While the buildup to the end was very good, I found the conclusion anticlimactic on one hand and extraordinarily disappointing on the other.Just not a favorite.