Running Dark

Running Dark  - Jamie Freveletti Jamie Freveletti's "Running Dark" starts off strong, with a roadside bombing during an ultramarathon in South Africa. Chemist Emma Caldredge, an enthusiastic ultra runner, is stuck with something like an EpiPen during the aftermath of the bombing and finds herself compelled to keep running -- on injuries that have begun to heal before her eyes.Caldredge's attempts to find out what the drug happens to be intertwine with two other subplots: a group of Somali pirates attacking a cruise ship and a concerted effort by certain elements of the DoD to bring down a subcontractor who is getting a little too close finding out their illegal foibles to suit those elements.All three of the plots are very interesting ideas, and each could have done well with more space/development. My major problem with this book is that, in order to bring all three of the stories together, it feels as though Freveletti has given each of them short shrift. Each separate element is well-researched and believable, but the book feels both rushed and incomplete.It's not a bad read, overall, but real technothriller junkies may come away disappointed.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)