This Must Be the Place: A Novel

This Must Be the Place - Kate Racculia "This Must Be The Place," Kate Racculia's debut novel, is tricky to classify. Part coming-of-age story, part romance, and part mystery -- but all entertaining.Racculia's main characters are widower Arthur Rook, boarding house owner Mona Jones and Mona's daughter Oneida. Rook comes to stay at the Darby-Jones boarding house, operated by Mona, after his wife's death. Throw into the mix that Rook's wife was Mona's beat friend in high school for the first in a series of complications. Add a cast of entertaining boarders, Oneida's high school anxieties and issues -- and you've got the basis for the story.It's hard to review this story without revealing spoilers, so suffice it to say that Rook is trying to understand his late wife better through a shoebox full of small belongings -- including a postcard addressed to Mona -- while Oneida tries to figure out why her mother is the way she is, and why high school is so horrible. Mona, in the mean while, is the guardian of the biggest mystery of all. The way the stories intertwine and ultimately come to their conclusion is packaged in delightful prose and entertaining characters.Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)