America (Jake Grafton Series #9)

America: A Jake Grafton Novel (Jake Grafton Novels) - Stephen Coonts This was just not Coonts' best Jake Grafton novel. It took a while to get going, and one question just get bugging me the whole while I was reading.In the dark recesses of time, I dated a Navy A-6 bombardier/navigator. When we went to see "Hunt for Red October," I asked him afterward whether the caterpillar drive would actually work. His response: "I wouldn't know; I'm a plane guy, not a sub guy."So, given that RAdm Jake Grafton is a "plane guy," why is this book about submarines? Why is he even on the USS America project? It makes no sense whatsoever.I'm not saying the book was poorly written; it was quite well-done once the momentum picked up. Nor am I saying that the adventure/espionage/intrigue is in any way lacking. I just couldn't get past "Jake Grafton is a plane guy, not a sub guy."