Last Known Address

Last Known Address - Theresa Schwegel, Tavia Gilbert One of my favorite genres is the police procedural. In "Last Known Address," we have police detective Sloane Pearson investigating serial rapes around Chicago whilst dealing with the chauvinistic, oftentimes sexually harassing, behavior, of her fellow officers.The plotline and characters are well-developed, but the novel was marred for me by confusing shifts in perspective. We have first-person present from a rape victim who is *never* identified in the book, a few instances of second-person present, and the rest of the book is in third-person present. Without adequate identifying information as to whose perspective is being taken, this makes the action a little difficult to follow.I liked Pearson as the protagonist and would read another book featuring the same character, in the hopes that action would be less confusing/more solidly written.(Review based on advance readers' edition.)