Vivaldi's Virgins: A Novel

Vivaldi's Virgins - Barbara Quick I desperately wanted to enjoy this book as much as I did The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi's Venice. Unfortunately, it just wasn't as good.In this tale, our protagonist is Anna Maria del Violin, who was left at Venice's Ospedale de Pieta as a foundling. She is writing from her perspective as one of the ospedale's music instructors, looking back at past events. The novel is semi-epistolary; part of the action is told via Anna Maria's letters to a mother for whom she is constantly searching.If I had not read Laurel Corona's excellent book and done some research on the ospedale myself, I would not have had the background to really understand what is happening in this particular book. Quick doesn't go into the daily life of the girls of the ospedale's orchestra enough to give the reader an idea of their experiences.Overall, this story seems watered-down to me. I figured out the plot twist long before it was revealed in its somewhat anti-climactic fashion. Best for readers to stick with Corona's far superior novel.