The Blue Girl

The Blue Girl - Charles de Lint If you like urban fantasy, you just can't go wrong with one of Charles deLint's Newford novels. In Newford, you never know what will happen.Imogene is the new girl at school and something of an outsider. She befriends another outsider, Maxine, who seems to be her polar opposite in temperament (studious, conservative). What the two of them find is that they counterbalance one another in positive ways and they become fast friends.Imogene discovers that she can see a ghost, Adrian, who has haunted the school for a while. When Adrian tells her that there are fairies living in the school as well, that is a little much for her to believe. So, he asks the fairies to help her believe, and they do.As is often the case in which the Unseelie agree to do something, things do not go well. The first thing that happens is Imogene's imaginary friend from childhood appears to her ... and the adventures begin.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and did not want to put it down until I finished.