Little Wolf Ranch

Little Wolf Ranch - Magnolia Belle Magnolia Belle's "Little Wolf Ranch" is some of the finest historical fiction I have had the pleasure to read.This novel tells of two families, one Kiowa and one Caucasian, and how they overlap in the post-Civil War era. Lana was once married to Liam, and he is Joshua's father. She later marries a Kiowa, Yi Centas, and has three more children with him. Through various circumstances, Lana crosses Liam's path again and he helps her out of a difficult situation with Joshua. Things are not so easy with her next eldest son, Blue.Throw in Liam's attractive daughters, a cousin, some entertaining neighbors -- and a huge amount of anti-Native American prejudice in town, and you have an entertaining and thought-provoking story.Belle's writing is descriptive enough to put you right in the scene, and it's obvious that she has researched the period, cultures and social mores about which she writes.Highly recommended; I look forward to reading more by this author.