The Return of Tarzan

The Return of Tarzan - Edgar Rice Burroughs "The Return of Tarzan" finds us in Paris, as Tarzan, now known as Jean, falls in with a group of White Russian expatriates during the course of his education. Naturally, he runs afoul of one of them. When ruining Tarzan's reputation proves nigh unto impossible, the affronted Rakoff conspires to kill Tarzan at sea by dumping him overboard.Of course, Tarzan manages to make his way ashore ... conveniently, to the area where he was born. Numerous adventures take place in the jungle.Meanwhile, Jane Porter and her fiance William Cecil Clayton are on another boat ... which shipwrecks. They, too, make their way ashore in Africa, where they meet up with Rakoff.Predictably enough, after numerous incidents, Tarzan finds and rescues Jane from a perilous situation.Burroughs' writing is entertaining, if overblown, in the fashion of many Victorian and Edwardian novels. A classic tale of adventure that most are sure to enjoy.