Mossflower (Redwall Series #2)

Mossflower - Brian Jacques "Mossflower" is a prequel to Brian Jacques' debut novel, "Redwall." In this story, Martin the Warrior (a mouse) comes to Mossflower to help defend the woodland animals against the predations of the mad queen Tsarmina (a wildcat) and her troops in the fortress of Kotir.This is a sweet little tale that provides background for the rest of Jacques' Redwall Abbey fantasy series. The nice animals (mice, hedgehogs, squirrels and otters) vie against the not-so-nice ones (rats, foxes, weasels and stoats) for land and rights, in a fashion reminiscent of feudal Britain.Jacques wrote his first Redwall story to be read aloud to children at a hospital for the blind in his hometown of Liverpool. How fortunate for the world at large that his talent was discovered and we can all read his delightful tales.