Betrayal - Jaimey Grant I've said before that I'm a walk-away from the romance genre. I had begun to feel like I was reading the same book over and over again.Then I had the good fortune to meet author Jaimey Grant when we both entered a writing contest. She asked me if I would review one of her books, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It says a lot that I would not only read one of her books but have just finished a third one; Jaimey's characters are well-developed and her plots are entertaining. Minor characters from some of her titles have major roles in others.I think "Betrayal" is the best of Jaimey Grant's books that I have read so far. Her heroine, Brianna, is not the typical Regency novel bluestocking; she has spent time in a madhouse and in prison. The hero, Adam Prestwick, is hired by her family to return her to them because she has the fortune that they want to spend. Naturally, Adam and Brianna fall in love (this is a romance novel), but there are many obstacles to be overcome during the course of the story.Jaimey doesn't pull punches about hard situations, even while she writes a "clean" romance. I cannot recommend her books highly enough to fans of the genre ... including my fellow walkaways.