The Isle of Stone: A Novel of Ancient Sparta

The Isle of Stone: A Novel of Ancient Sparta - Nicholas Nicastro Entertaining book about the siege of Sphacteria, which takes place approximately 50 years after Thermopylae. The book focuses on two brothers, Epitadas and Antalcidas, who are rivals from childhood (in no small part due to their conniving mother's machinations). The two grow up in the way of Spartiate men, experiencing the difficulties of the agoge, war, etc., and eventually are in a garrison on the island of Sphacteria when the Athenians decide to lay siege.The historical research in this book is first-rate, and Nicastro has brought both the Spartan and Athenian cultures to life with his documentation and descriptions. Fans of Steven Pressfield's "Gates of Fire" are sure to enjoy "The Isle of Stone."