Blasphemy - Douglas Preston I've read many of Douglas Preston's collaborations with Lincoln Child and enjoyed them very much. "Blasphemy" is quite a bit different from those supernatural thrillers, but enjoyable in its own right.In this book, CIA agent and former monk Wyman Ford agrees to go undercover to a scientific project known as Isabella. Scientist Gregory Hazelius has designed a device that replicates the "big bang," and is looking at the implications thereof. Of course, means that he runs afoul of the Christian fundamentalist movement in the US, and significant problems arise as a result. There is an unexpected twist at the end which makes for some interesting reading.Preston has been accused of being anti-Christian because of this book, but he is not dissecting Christianity at all. He is, however, examining the Christian Fundamentalist/Dominionist movement and exposing its very real dangers in this fictional milieu.