Warrior (Time Hunters Series)

Warrior - Angela Knight If you've read my novel, you know I'm no prude. I believe we are all embodied beings, and that sexual feelings are normal.For crying out loud, though, it appears that author Angela Knight believes that people of the 23rd century do very little other than have bloody battles and bonk like crazed weasels. I reached the point where I just thought "enough is enough."Really, it's unfortunate. This book had an interesting premise, with an Atlanta artist called Jess becoming the inadvertant target of an attack from a futuristic "temporal jumper" and the Temporal Enforcement team rescuing her by taking her to the future. Once she gets there, though, all she seems to do is have a lot of sex with the primary rescue agent, Galen.So much more could have been done with this story that it just seemed like lazy writing after a while. I hope Knight matures as a writer.