Riptide - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child Fans of the pirate genre will find much to like in Preston & Childs' "Riptide." This is a story about buried treasure and pirate curses, all brought into modern times.The protagonist, physician Malin Hatch, knows that three generations of his family have been bankrupted or killed as they seek "Red Ned" Ockham's treasure on Ragged Island -- including his 12-year-old brother, but he agrees to serve as staff physician and partner with Thalassa Explorations when they seek the treasure. The island is, after all, part of his family's property.It seems, though, that the treasure is indeed cursed; several members of the exploration team develop unusual and very serious illnesses that cause Hatch to reconsider his involvement.This is a fine technothriller, and a bit of a departure from Preston & Childs' usual ouevre. Highly recommended.